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Tomato XXX

Grilled Sandwich

Combine bread, cheese, tomato and Bomba! XXX Tomato paste to make your all-day-tosti. Discover and cook with our tasteful Bomba! a natural, ready-to-eat sauce.



This Hummus is a spread made from chickpeas, tahini, clove, lemon juice, cumin and Naturoma to add some saltiness and extra taste.


Onion soup

Warm, cosy and flavourful, this onion soup is prepared with caramelised onions. Top with baguette topped with melted cheese.


Veggie stir fry

Make vegetables even more delicious with the culinary sauce Naturoma. Delicious as a side dish.


Poké bowl

Now make yourself this easy and delicious fresh Pokebowl with Naturoma marinated salmon, fresh vegetables and rice!


Pasta Bolognese sauce

This recipe lets you experience how to make a delicious pasta bolognese sauce without added table salt using the flavoring: Naturoma!


Oven chicken curry

This signature casserole gives you rich flavor with each layer. The curry sauce as the culinary cement of the dish makes every bite creamy and flavorful.



Without too many packs and bags, easily season your noodles with Naturoma and have a delicious marinade for your Asian dish.


Stuffed omelet with vegetables

A simple and richly filled omelet is very easy to make with this recipe. Give it extra flavour with Naturoma instead of salt and pepper.

Arabian Night


Delicious vegetarian casserole with tomato sauce and bell pepper with congealed eggs, good for dipping in with bread.