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Inspired by the success of Bomba XXX the original tomato paste, we proudly introduce our two new product lines:
The World Flavours & The Mediterranean Flavours.



The Bomba! World Flavours allow you to transform your dish into a true sensation with flavours from the different world cuisines. The well-known ingredients in the Indian, Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisines have been combined per cuisine into an ultimate taste paste. The World Flavour pastes are a mix of tomatoes and typical flavourings that make each flavour unique and allow you to easily intensify the taste of your dish. With one squeeze you can already transform your dish and you do not need to buy all the individual ingredients.


Bomba! Tomato XXX

A natural, ready-to-eat tomato sauce that delivers slow food flavours fast! It’s truly the world’s sauciest tomato paste, made with extra strength triple concentrated tomato paste, full-bodied red wine and tasty sofrito.


Bomba! Bombay Surprise

A surprising blend in which tomato meets authentic ingredients from India blended with the rich­ness of cumin, star anise and bay leaf. Surprise yourself with a chicken korma or a lentil soup.


Bomba! Mystic Bangkok

A tasty Asian paste in which the spiciness of the chilli peppers and the freshness of the kaffir lime are a true sensation in taste and delicious in a curry or meatballs.


Bomba! Arabian Night

The sweet notes of eggplant and cinnamon combine perfectly with a blend of spices such as cloves, ginger and parsley. They give you the ability to create warm and slighty spicy flavoursome Middle Eastern dishes.



The Bomba! Mediterranean flavours are intense flavourings based on one main ingredient that can be used as a base in the dish or as the finishing touch. The Mediterranean Flavours are concentrated taste pastes based on tomato, sun-dried tomato or mushrooms that give depth to your dish. Create tasty dishes like a true chef with just a squeeze of the Bomba Mediterreanen flavours.



Bomba! Fungi Fantastic

The first Bomba! that is not based on tomatoes, but on another frequently used Italian ingredient: Fungi. The deep umami flavour combined with savoury and earthy tones makes this paste perfect for risotto, pasta, soups and sauces.


Bomba! Sunny & Chili

The perfect balance between the sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes and the spiciness of red chillies. Great for spreads, pasta or on top of meat dishes.