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The Taste5 Smash Burgers

with Taste5 Umami Bomb

Smash burgers is less of a recipe and more of a method for making burgers on a hot griddle. The burgers patties are smashed thin and cooked crisp on the edges. These are the hamburgers we grew up with from the local takeaway joint. We are sure you're going to love this "smashing" method.

Use ground chuck and mix it up ahead of time. Normally "smash burgers" are seasoned only with salt and pepper, but you must try stirring through several tablespoons of Taste5 Original Umami Bomb for a huge super savory flavor boost.

Keep it refrigerated until your ready to cook. We suggest using an ice cream or measuring scoop to plop the meat onto the hot griddle or cast iron pan. Then have a spatula handy to smash the meat down to a thin patty.


Serves 4


Vegetable oil (for griddle / pan)
1 pound ground beef chuck (20% fat)
2 tablespoons Taste5 Original Umami Bomb
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 slices cheese (optional)
4 soft hamburger buns, lightly toasted
Lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and condiments, as desired


In a bowl combine the ground chuck and Taste5 Original Umami Bomb until its evenly distributed through the meat. 

Heat a griddle or  large cast-iron skillet and place over medium heat
Using a scoop, divide the meat into 4 piles, like mounds of ice cream
Do not form patties

Increase the heat to high and add some oil to the griddle or pan
Cook two at a time unless you have a really large griddle or pan
Use a sturdy spatula to smash the mound down to a patty about 1/2 thick
Season generously with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

Cook the patties for 2-4 minutes without moving until they have a nice brown crust
Use the spatula to lift and flip the burgers
Place slices of cheese, if using, on the meat.
Cook for another 2 minutes or until meat is cooked through.
Have your toasted buns, ready to go for these tasty burgers.

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