RECIPE | Taste5 Broad Bean Salad with Mint & Parsley

Broad Bean Salad Mint Parsley

Fresh fava beans or baby lima beans transport us to childhood summers excitedly shelling beans in anticipation of simple salads like this one. You can make make this a day ahead. Leftovers transform into the most gorgeous bruschetta with creamy burrata or ricotta.


Serves 4


2 1/2 cups shelled broad beans (fava) or baby lima beans
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon Taste5 Vegetarian paste (optional)
1/2 small red onion, shaved into the thinnest slices
2 teaspoons fresh mint, chopped
2 teaspoons flat leaf parsley, chopped
pinch of red pepper flakes
kosher salt and Taste5 Umami Pepper or freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup Percorino Romano cheese, shaved for garnish


Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to boil.
Add the beans and blanch for 1 minute.
Transfer to a bowl of ice water.  Drain.

Add vinegar to a medium bowl and gently whisk in olive along with Taste5 Vegetarian paste until well mixed.
Add the beans, onion, mint, parsley and pepper flakes.
Toss well to evenly coat with the dressing.
Leave at room temperature for at least 10-15 minutes.
Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

Just before serving, garnish with the shaved Percorino Romano

NOTE: This can be made one day ahead.