Laura Santtini, Taste5 Founder & Creator

The Taste #5 Collection of extraordinary flavor boosting pastes, condiments, simmer sauces and heat & serve sauces have been created from the finest quality natural ingredients that have the highest levels of naturally occuring amino acids that create the magic of umami – tomatoes, olives, porcini mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese, anchovies, soffrito, red wine and more. Known as the fifth taste, umami is distinct from the four other tastes of sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

Just a squeeze, grind or shake will boost and add robust flavors to a wide array of dishes. The Taste #5 Collection products make good cooks great and great cooks extraordinary.

Laura Santtini explains 'umami' the fifth taste, "Umami can be transformational to your cooking and the easiest, most powerful way to add deliciousness to your life. Umami is one of the five basic tastes experienced by all humans when consuming food or drink, and it sits on our palates like the taste receptors for sweet, sour, bitter and salty. To understand umami is to understand how to elevate your cooking and eating experience, and is the reason I've spent so much time and effort delivering this powerful culinary secret to the domestic kitchen. I believe that cooks of all levels can easily enjoy the magic of umami at home."

The Taste #5 Collection was created by Laura Santtini, restaurateur, author and food entrepreneur. Laura Santtini is considered to be a world authority on the fifth taste known as ‘umami.’  Since launching the Taste #5 Umami Collection which began with the world’s first umami paste in 2009, Laura has been globally recognized as the ‘Umami Queen.’ She is credited with single handedly pioneering the use and understanding of the intriguing fifth taste for the home cook.  Her life’s mission to demystify the notion of umami and make this hitherto ‘Chef’s best kept secret’ available to cooks of all levels, has resonated with home cooks around the world. Laura lives, breaths and eats umami. Laura's passion is umami and the transformative world of super, savoury deliciousness.